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Homeopathy Classes


Almost 2 years ago I really started digging in to homeopathy. And to be honest, I found what I had been looking for all these years that I have been reading and researching and studying natural health solutions. As I continue to dive further in, I see the beauty in the community, the confidence it inspires, and also the freedom it gives us. This is the medicine we thought we were getting...and as we like to say in our class--"There's a remedy for that!"  

If you would like to start learning the basics of Homeopathy--its history, how it works, and how you can easily begin implementing it with your family, pets, loved ones, and more, I would love for you to join me in an informational Zoom meeting. I will be holding them twice a month, and we will go over the particulars for the courses, what you will need, and when we will meet. 

Right now all courses will be held on Zoom, as we will have participants from all over the US! There is no obligation at all for this informational Zoom--it's just info and then a brief Q&A where I answer any questions about the courses!

Click here to see when the next info meetings are scheduled! 

These classes are for anyone, pretty much any age from teens on up to grandparents! They are only 5 weeks long, so you aren't wrapped up in anything that will be months of your time. At the end of each course we will have the (optional) opportunity to be on a group Zoom class/call with Joette herself. It's such an amazing time to be able to speak with and learn from her--you will definitely be inspired!  

Gateway 1 and 2 Courses: Curriculum by homeopath Joette Calabrese. Classes led and facilitated by Heather Strickland

Gateway 1 Course:

This is an in-depth introduction to homeopathy course. This course is for anyone, whether today was the first time you've heard of homeopathy or you are a seasoned user!  We will be using renowned homeopath Joette Calabrese Gateway 1 curriculum to guide us. Joette has been a homeopath for over 35 years. Her life goal is to get homeopathy into the hands of mom & grandmas, parents and friends, young and old, in order to train up a new generation of people who love and rely on homeopathy as much as she does. 

We begin learning the history and basics of classical homeopathy. We then will explore the Banerji Protocols and methods. The Banerji family has an amazing history and what they have done to bring homeopathy into modern times is phenomenal. 

Gateway 2 Course:

We will continue to dive deeper into homeopathy learning about cell salts, learn the best ways to use a materica medica and a repertory,  as well as learning more Banerji protocols.

Down the road, I will also be offering classes covering Joette's more advanced classes. These two Gateway classes are required before moving on to those. 

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