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Products & Affiliate Partners

Below you will see a listing of companies that I partner with. I don't take this lightly, and I will never promote or, for lack of a better word, endorse anything that doesn't align with me and my principles. Every company listed here is one I personally purchase from on a regular basis. By using the shopping link for each company, I earn a little commission (that doesn't increase your cost at all!) and you end up with a great product! If you have questions about a specific company or product, please don't hesitate to reach out! If I don't know the answer, I'll find out. Thank you for supporting me and also these great companies!


Dr Kontos products are the first of their kind, and also fall into the 'new scientific discovery' category. Each of the different mineral drops support different, critical areas of the body, and because of their unique form, are very bio-available! 

Chromium Drops: 


  • Diabetes
    Sweet craving
    Mental stress
    High cholesterol and triglyceride levels


    ✓ EXACTLY 1 microgram Chromium in one drop – you are in control                                                                            
    ✓  Water soluble fulvate complex form
    ✓ Safe and pure – superior ORGANIC complex

  • Our mineral drops are safe and highly effective, due to their organic, fulvic-acid based formula ensuring instant absorption and utilization by the body

Essential Balance Drops

Our balance drops contain minerals that are essential for a healthy body and are otherwise very hard to access through any modern diet. Made with an advanced formula to strengthen the immune system and promote recovery from diseases.

In combination with Iodine-fulvate, the drops can help with the following problems:

  • Thyroid disease

  • Immune deficiency

  • Hair loss

  • Joint recovery

Our mineral drops are safe and highly effective, due to their organic, fulvic-acid based formula ensuring instant absorption and utilization by the body.

Iodine Drops

These are by far my favorite product--Iodine is important for everyone at all ages! And this formulation is the best!


✓ Organic iodine complex with fulvic acid
✓ Contains Iodine-V®, which is the world’s first pure molecular iodine complex, specifically made for internal use
✓ Iodine-V® is the world’s first water-soluble organic iodine product
✓ Molecular iodine is the antimicrobial iodine form FOR INTERNAL USE
✓ Can be safely used internally (consumed orally) or externally (on surface of skin)


Iodine is a natural, antiviral, and antibacterial element that optimizes the immune system. All of the body’s organs need iodine to function properly. According to WHO, 30% of the world’s population has iodine deficiency.


✓ Improves thyroid gland functions
✓ Supports metabolism and reduces the chances of obesity
✓ Supports all glandular organs, reduces the tendency of these organs to become cancerous
✓ Balances mood and reduces the chances of depression
✓ Boosts cognitive development and helps brain functions
✓ Maintains good eye sight and moisture
✓ Supports healthy development of the fetus during pregnancy
✓ Delays dementia and reduces the chances of Alzheimer’s disease
✓ For children: supports growth, promotes intellectual development, and improves learning abilities

This pure elemental Iodine in the most innovative Fulvate complex.


PLEASE NOTE that other iodine products typically do not contain enough pure ESSENTIAL elemental IODINE – they contain iodide and iodate. Our Iodine structure does not change, it does not oxidize, this is a stable liquid solution. Dr. Kontos Essential Iodine mineral drops are safe and highly effective, due to their organic, fulvic-acid based formula ensuring instant absorption and utilization by the body.

Iron Drops

Iron is found in every cell of the body and is especially a major component of red blood cells. Red blood cells are responsible for transporting oxygen from the lungs to the body’s & tissues. They also absorb oxygen (O2 ) and release carbon dioxide (CO2 ). If there is not enough iron in the blood, oxygen level will drop.


  • Anemia

  • Fatigue, lack of energy

  • Heart palpitations

  • Weakness, dizziness

  • Difficulty to concentrate


  • Ferrous (Fe 2+) forms are more soluble than the common dietary ferric (Fe 3+) form, with twice the absorbability! 

  • Allergen-free, safe, and organic supplement with Fulvic acid. 

  • Our water-soluble complex is the fastest and best absorbed iron supplement in the world.

  • This food supplement does not cause CONSTIPATION



Incarvexx® Iodine Nasal Spray

Antiseptic nasal spray prevents airborne viruses from entering the body.
The world’s first essential nasal spray with molecular organic iodine.



Incarvexx® Iodine Nasal Spray is a sterile isotonic seawater solution with our unique elemental iodine complex (Iodine-V®), rich in sea minerals and trace elements. Suitable for the cleansing and moisturizing of the nasal cavities.> Iodine-V kills 99% all viruses within 60 secs

  • Cleans and disinfects the nose

  • Relieves dry nasal membranes

  • Removes air pollutants and allergens

  • Suitable for children, adults, pregnant women

  • Vegan and rich in minerals

  • Ingredients: sterile Aegean seawater and Iodine-V® complex

  • A safe and gentle isotonic seawater nasal spray with long shelf-life

  • Medical device Class II/a (Clinically tested)

  • FDA registered and CE certified with ISO
    An effective medical device against all airborne viruses



Earthly Wellness is a company after my own heart. I love when someone takes a problem they are experiencing, finds a natural solution, and then turns it into a business that supports their family and shares those solutions with others!

Welcome to Earthley!  We’re glad you’re here.

We’re on a mission.  It’s a simple mission, but one that will take a lot of time and a lot of work — and we’d love for you to join us.


We believe that health is sacred, and so very personal.  Every individual should be empowered to care for him or herself and take care of his/her body alone…at least, most of the time.


Many health modalities exist, yet the Western world is dominated by just one of them: allopathic.  There’s absolutely a time and place for this system, but it’s not always the best option.


Further, many people feel scared of exploring alternatives.  They’ve been told they don’t work, or are dangerous.  They’ve been disempowered from caring for themselves and their families, even when it comes to the simple stuff.  And some families have even been bullied or mistreated by this system.


It’s time for a change.


At Earthley, we want to be part of that change.  It’s our goal to educate and empower people to take care of their own health.  And, because access to health-promoting products matters as much as education, we produce herbal remedies and body care that support health — naturally.


HB Naturals is another of my favorite companies because I don't have to worry that they are sneaking in ingredients that I don't want in the products I use and love. 

Some of my favorite things from them include their Ionic minerals, like Magnesium, and their Black Seed Oil.


What separates Heart & Body Naturals from others is our commitment to only the highest quality, safest, purest, and cleanest organic and wild-crafted ingredients in all of our products.


Our powerful, synergistic plant-based formulas produce life-enhancing results without harmful ingredients found in competitive products, including many labeled "organic" and "natural".


We use only whole, minimally processed plant ingredients ensuring you receive all of the hundreds, sometimes thousands, of unique phyto-compounds in each product.


We never test on animals, and our products are always free of pesticides, synthetics, preservatives, phthalates, petroleum, sulfates, silicones, parabens, mineral oil, and triclosan.


There are several companies now who have zeolite sprays that are used to capture toxins in our bodies, I still use TRS almost daily just to keep up with what we are exposed to every day. There are so many benefits to this super-simple spray, and being able to detox heavy metals, glyphosate, and all the other things is one important key to keeping our bodies healthy. This spray is tasteless, and when a toxin is bound in a zeolite molecule, there is no chance for it to redistribute anywhere else in the body before it is eliminated. TRS is great for the whole family, including pets!

The best price on TRS is when you buy the 3 pack on autoship. This is actually the same price I pay, and you can adjust your schedule easily if you don't need three every month! Any questions on ordering, please shoot me a text or email!


Root Brands Wellness is a cutting edge supplement company started by Dr Christina Rahm. Dr. Rahm has one of the most impressive and lengthy resumes I have ever seen, and her desire to help protect and recover people from environmental and pharmaceutical harm led to her starting her own company where she can develop products that help detox and rebuild. 

Favorite products from them include Clean Slate, Restore and Zero In.


The ear is a microsystem of the entire body.

  • Ear Seeds are a non-invasive, safe and effective tool used to stimulate nerve endings / pressure points in this microsystem.

  • Ear Seeds consist of tiny seeds, beads or pellets that stick to the surface of your ear with tape.

  • Once you know where they go, simply peel, place, and press.

  • Ear Seeds work by providing continuous acupressure to specific ear points and can be worn for 2-5 days at a time.

  • All our EarSeeds Condition charts and kits are designed to teach you specific points traditionally associated with common conditions. They are created by licensed acupuncturist and Auriculotherapy expert and teacher, Elie Goldschmidt, L.Ac.. Additionally, some of the charts are created in partnership with acupuncture specialists in their respective fields.


If you have heard about the benefits of acupuncture, but aren't into needles, or if you would like the ease and freedom of sticking on a patch when needed, LifeWave phototherapy patches may be a great fit for you!

LifeWave’s health technology harnesses your body’s natural, restorative energy and enhances your ability to live well. Our non-transdermal patches fit simply into your daily lifestyle.


  • Your body emits heat in the form of infrared light. When applied to the recommended placement on the body, the patch traps this infrared light and reflects wavelengths back into the tissue.


  • This signals the body to produce health benefits unique to each LifeWave patch. Start living healthier without the use of harmful drugs or chemicals.

  • By capturing visible and infrared light, LifeWave’s health technology is revolutionizing the way we can leverage light to improve and extend our lives.


  • For centuries, phototherapy has been used to improve health. Phototherapy, sometimes called light therapy or photobiomodulation, works by using a mechanism to reflect or shine light into the body to stimulate cellular activity. With LifeWave, our patches act as that mechanism, reflecting visible and infrared light back into the body.


  • As an example, our X39 patch reflects light back into the body, stimulating cellular activity and the production of a copper peptide known as GHK-Cu, which activates stem cells.

all 2.jpg

Shop all my favorite drinks! It's so great to be able to greatly reduce the number of supplements you take by drinking something that tastes amazing! Lots of tools to help whatever area of your wellness journey needs a boost!


Solex not only has the AO Scanner which has so many uses and benefits that are accessible to anyone, not just health practitioners, but they also have supplements that are pretty great as well. The Gold is one of my favorites because everyone needs fulvic minerals! 

If you would like more information on purchasing a scanner for yourself, or becoming a QLA (Quantum Living Advocate) shoot me a text or email for more info! There are step by step trainings available through Solex, and also through other mentors who have put together courses of their own. 


Whether you are an experienced gardener, or have never grown anything, having a Tower Garden is one of the simplest ways to add some food freedom and grocery savings to your home. 

Plants are grown hydroponically, so there's no messing with dirt and compost, and they can be used indoors or out (depending on your location, of course!) 

Kids love it, because they can see their veggies growing, and throwing away plastic tubs of slimy greens will be a thing of the past! 

The video below shows Tower Gardens on a commercial scale, but I share it because the plants they grow are amazing! 

I mostly grow salad greens, a few herbs, and lettuce, but I also will have some baby watermelon and butternut squash this round as well. You can start from seed or buy seedlings (Which I do for some things cause I'm not patient!)

Once you see how much you can actually stop buying from the store, you'll be sold--plus most of us don't stop at one Tower, so the potential yields only go up!


Strawn Wellness, where my physical office is, strives to be a 'one-stop shop' for wellness. From massage to facials, chiropractic to sauna, personal training, biofeedback and nutrition, we have you covered!

If you are local to the Poland, OH area, click the link to see a list of services and to book an appointment.

*For now, appointments with me personally are booked through my website only. CLICK HERE for my booking page.


Got Gut Problems?

Microbiome Labs T.G.R. can help!

Gut health and support is one of my favorite areas of health, because I know that when we support the gut, SO many other areas benefit. There are many conditions that you may not even associate with gut/microbiome health that can be affected by problems in this area...and alleviated by repairing it!

Microbiome Labs is one of the top companies in this field because they address the entire system...there's more to achieving optimal gut health than eating some yogurt! 

Book a consultation with me today to explore this topic more in depth and see if you would benefit from the Total Gut Restoration package, or one of their other products.

No shopping link with this one because it you can only order it with my practitioner code. 

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